What's the story?

Selling Sunset.

I'll need more information.

The third series of the addictive Netflix reality show begins streaming this week. It focuses on the super-glam estate agents at The Oppenheim Group as they sell multi-million-dollar properties to the rich and famous in Los Angeles. It is, quite frankly, jaw-dropping stuff.

How so?

Well, there's the eye-watering prices for a start. One swanky pad was listed for a cool $44m (£34m).

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Yowza. What do you get for that?

Five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, four hot tubs, an infinity pool with waterfall, a sprawling spa, a wine cellar, a movie theatre, a 15-car garage, and a rooftop deck with views over the city.

Did it sell?

Not during the first two series. A sneak peek in the trailer for the latest instalment suggests that a buyer may have finally been forthcoming. Which is good news for the agent who sold the property as it comes with a hefty commission worth around $1.2m (£924,000).

Oooft. What else can we expect?

Drama, drama, drama. There's a lot of bickering. And back-stabbing.

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Can't they all just get along?

Meh. Where's the fun in that?

True. When can I watch?

Selling Sunset returns to Netflix on Friday.