What’s it called?


What’s it about?

An eight-part scripted drama from the production company behind the excellent Blackout (Rami Malek in a post-apocalyptic puzzler), Hunted starts with the breakout from a US maximum security prison of four prisoners. They jump the guards steal a truck and somehow manage to grab a cache of weapons leaving them armed, mobile and dangerous. Just how dangerous becomes clear to investigating officer Emily Barnes, a US Marshall, when she’s called in to head the team tasked with the men’s recapture. With one prison officer already dead, her superiors breathing down her neck and her copybook already partially blotted thanks to a previous case – more is revealed as the series progresses – she’s under pressure to ensure a quick result. Four hours after the breakout the escapees have already robbed a shop at gunpoint and the chase is on.

Who’s in it?

Emily Barnes is voiced by acclaimed actress Parker Posey (Dr Smith in Netflix series Lost In Space) and her partner Anthony Morra by another familiar face from Netflix, Brandon Scott (13 Reasons Why).

What’s so good about it?

It’s so fast-paced it leaves you breathless – a TV remake seems inevitable.

Fun fact …

Hunted is the first in a series of scripted podcast dramas from Dick Wolf, the man behind long-running TV franchise Law & Order, and it’s produced in association with content providers Endeavor Audio.

Where do I find it?

Hunted is available to download from iTunes or to listen to on the Endeavor Audio website.

For fans of …

Prison Break, Law & Order