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Kara Kennedy: What odds a male spouse in the house at No 10?

FROM Cherie Blair to Carrie Johnson, the spouses of our Prime Ministers have always faced scrutiny. As the Tory leadership contest continues, and the weakest links are whittled down, there seems to be a big chance that the UK will get its third first husband.

Issue of the Day: What’s going on with BBC pay?

AFTER the BBC published the salaries of its highest-paid stars as part of its annual report, the public broadcaster has faced a backlash for the “unjustified” costs that are funded through the TV licence fee.

Issue of the Day: Who hacked the Army?

THE British Army is investigating after its Twitter and YouTube accounts were reportedly hacked after videos on cryptocurrency and images of billionaire businessman Elon Musk appeared on the YouTube channel. A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the British Army’s account “was compromised and has since been locked and secured.

Issue of the Day: Is JK Rowling being erased from Harry Potter?

HARRY Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is celebrating its 25th anniversary, but there is one key figure noticeably absent. After its release in 1997, it became the third best-selling novel of all time, and established JK Rowling as one of the world's most loved and best-selling authors; but now, some claim she is being erased from her legacy altogether.

Kara Kennedy: Queen royally snubbed by Glasgow – what a wasted opportunity

AS most of the UK came together last weekend to celebrate the Queen’s historic 70-year reign, there was one noticeable exception. While the streets of England and Wales were lined with flags and draped in bunting, Glasgow City Council stood on the sidelines like party-poopers, petrified that any cheer may be interpreted as an endorsement of Britishness.