Richard Muir

Deputy CEO of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

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Opinion Richard Muir: A chance to tune into a major network

It often feels like the word "networking" is either misused, much maligned or misunderstood. However, it is vital in helping thriving businesses, communities and economies in so many ways and can actually contribute to important discussions and ultimately to changes in key policy decisions.

Richard Muir: Why Glasgow is the home of ambition

GLASGOW is undergoing something of a transformational period of commercial property development in 2023. With its growing reputation as a hub for innovation and creativity, Glasgow is also reinforcing itself as a key hub for property investment.

Opinion Richard Muir: Following the trail blazed by Adam Smith

ADAM Smith is often dubbed the father of modern economics and his ideas and principles still hold great relevance for Scottish businesses today. Smith's central thesis, as outlined in his seminal work The Wealth of Nations was that the invisible hand of the market would guide individuals and businesses to make decisions that would benefit society as a whole. This idea continues to influence business practices in Scotland and around the world.

Opinion Richard Muir: Aiming high with green hydrogen

RISING energy costs has been an issue for many firms for close to 12 months now, and sadly it is no exaggeration to suggest many have been fighting for their survival to manage this huge increase in outgoings. Unfortunately, it is difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel.