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Paul Sheerin: Highs and lows for Scotland's engineering sector

In October, our manufacturing community enjoyed the 2023 Scotland Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition, which returned even bigger and better after its successful launch last year. Its broad, all-sector approach enables it to avoid overlap with more area=specific events and in turn drew three-and-a-half thousand visitors across just a one-day exhibition. On behalf of Scottish Engineering, I was privileged to open the day with my thoughts on the highs and lows for manufacturing and engineering in Scotland. My reflection was that we sit in an interesting place, having experienced a rapid recovery from the pandemic impact, and a subsequent period of significant pressure on capacity to fulfil demand. Some of that has ebbed and flowed because of wider economic pressures, but aggregate demand remains positive, and once again the width and breadth of sectors served helps maintain an overall healthy outlook. Scotland’s defence, aerospace and energy sectors, to name just a few, remain strong with a pipeline of demand to be fulfilled. A look ahead in new areas highlights that the clear opportunities from the sheer scale of infrastructure changes that will be needed to decarbonise our lives are huge, and whilst no one is going to hand them to us on a plate, there are undoubtedly chances to be taken across energy transformation, transport and heat.