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I write features, reviews, and comment.

I write features, reviews, and comment.

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Mark Smith: Expelled – more signs of trouble for the Scottish Greens

An email arrives from a member of the Scottish Greens. I say “member of the Scottish Greens”, I should really say “former member of the Scottish Greens” because, along with several others, they’ve just been expelled from the party with immediate effect. When I tell you what they’re alleged to have done, you’ll see, if you haven’t seen it already, the troubling state the Scottish Greens are now in.

Mark Smith: Housing emergency? Here’s something we could do right now

The Scottish Government declared a housing emergency this week, but describing what’s in front of your eyes isn’t enough is it? The Scottish Fire Service could turn up at a house and declare a fire emergency, but the important question is what they’re going to do to put out the flames. And so it is with the Scottish Government on housing: what are they going to do?

Mark Smith: A message to the Greens: you do not speak for gay people. Stop it

I know I slag off the Scottish Greens a lot (it’s fun!) but I have a question for their leadership and a piece of advice. Question: how often do you speak to people who have different views to you on the issue of gay and trans rights? If the answer is “not much” (and I suspect it is) then my advice is: do it, because it worked for me.

Mark Smith: Sorry not sorry: why my new car won’t be electric

The first: old age (much mourned). The second: sold off (needed the cash). The third: write-off at a roundabout (wasn’t looking). And the fourth: old age again. The fifth is now awaiting my mechanic sucking air through his teeth and telling me there's nothing we can do mate, which means I’m about to be on the market for a new car once more. And it’s a special kind of decision isn’t it? You’ve got to get it right.

John Curtice on the SNP’s biggest problem: it all goes back to Sturgeon

When the First Minister resigns, I ask Sir John Curtice for his reaction and it’s pretty blunt. Mr Yousaf was, he says, a very poor politician and “bloody useless”. But the issue for the SNP now that their leader is going is whether they can actually find someone who’s any better. “The new leader will have two jobs,” says Sir John, “One is to unite the party, but also to improve relations with the Greens so you’ve got to get Patrick Harvie and Fergus Ewing on board. That’s job number one, where you might want to go for John Swinney.

Mark Smith: The seven key clues to Humza Yousaf’s fate

Welcome to another week. It’s going to be a good one. The SNP is in crisis, there will be a no-confidence vote in Humza Yousaf, and the fate of the First Minister will probably be decided by the views, whims and prejudices of just two or three people. So let’s sift through the evidence, the tantrums and the tears, and look at clues to what’s going to happen to Mr Yousaf (warning: not pretty).

Mark Smith: Reactionary and right-wing? Don’t let the Greens’ little tantrum fool you

Patrick Harvie didn’t say anything when he left Bute House on Thursday morning, face like fizz, Edinburgh sun lighting up his rainbow lanyard. But he and Lorna Slater certainly had plenty to say later on. According to the co-leaders of the Scottish Greens, by ending the Bute House Agreement, the SNP was selling out future generations to appease reactionary forces. Quite the little tantrum it was.