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CEO of Glasgow Chambers of Commerce

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Stuart Patrick: Innovation Districts are doing Glasgow proud

Yesterday over 800 delegates gathered at the Glasgow Science Centre for an event exploring the progress Scotland is making in building an economy through innovation. The Can Do Innovation Summit is an annual opportunity to bring people together to explore current tech trends and put some of our most impressive SMEs in tech heavy industries on display.

Stuart Patrick Glasgow city region economy has outperformed Scottish average

Challenged by Professor Chik Collins, director of the Glasgow Centre for Population Health (GCPH), to describe the changes in Glasgow’s economy since 2003, I spent some time interrogating regional economic data published by the Scottish Government. Given the steady – and not altogether unfair – criticism Glasgow is receiving for its current appearance, it’s worth sharing the results.

Stuart Patrick: Why Glasgow needs a City Coalition

The prospects for a positive message emerging from the Scottish Government’s budget statement in December look especially bleak this year. There is no more money, we are told, with worrying signals for public services as important as education, skills and economic development.