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A joyous and welcome return to live performance from choir

THE last two years have proved challenging for singers. So it was for the 130-strong Bearsden Choir, a fine and much-expanded amateur choir who have spent the Covid years coming together virtually in solitude, or masked-up and so socially distanced that only half the choir could fit in the rehearsal hall at one time.

Galleries: Katie Paterson grinds historic fragments into dust

Requiem is, says Katie Paterson, “probably the most epic work I’ve ever made.” Given that the Glasgow-born artist’s past works have ranged from broadcasting live the sounds of a melting glacier to mapping all the dead stars in the universe, and planting a forest (Future Library, 2014) that will, in a century, provide the paper to print the unread works of 100 authors – Margaret Atwood was the first – placed yearly in a “silent archive”, this is no small contention.

Exhibition explores how we can make do and mend

With obsolescence now designed in to everything from cars to phones to clothes , and the all-encompassing tyranny of plastic where other more sustainable materials were once the norm, the necessity of addressing why we live in the way we do is paramount.

Galleries: Your chance to see Audubon’s extraordinary Birds of America

When John James Audubon (1785 - 1851), putative American woodsman, son of a French plantation owner and his housemaid, turned up in Edinburgh in 1826 with hair greased with bear oil and a series of vivid, dramatic bird paintings of American species alien to British shores, very few predicted that the result would become one of the most feted illustrated books of natural history.

Galleries: Exhibition on the weaving tradition...and waterproof sheep!

I can strongly attest to the warming qualities of a Welsh blanket. Not the lovely soft lambswool sort you can buy now, but the solid, sturdy, tightly-woven kind made from sheep that appear so stoically waterproof their wool threatens to knit to the consistency of a waxed tarpaulin.

Galleries: Close Encounters of the Edinburgh Kind

High up in the former Observatory buildings on Edinburgh’s Calton Hill, in the imposing City Dome that once held a substantial telescope for the use of the city’s amateur star gazers, the sound of alien music is ringing out.

Galleries: Exhibition of wallpapers from famed workshop goes on display

In 1912, the Marquess of Bute founded the Edinburgh Tapestry Company – now known as Dovecot – in order to provide tapestry wall-hangings for his Scottish seat, Mount Stuart. With no history of tapestry weaving in Scotland, this was a hugely important move for the craft in Scotland.