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An adult vine weevil

Picture: PA

Gardening with Dave Allan: Why nightly patrols for pests pay off

The garden is bursting into life and our pests are getting their act together but who can blame them? We’ve opened a cordon bleu restaurant crammed with delicious delights. There’s something for everyone: sap-rich roses for aphids, lettuce and countless other seedlings for molluscs, broccoli for rootfly, and tasty roots for hungry vine weevil.

A woman sowing seeds.

Scottish Gardener: Beware the pitfalls of sowing hardy annuals

HARDY annuals fill gaps, replace any winter-ravaged perennials and colourfully brighten up the border. We can either sow them or buy plants. It’s always easier to buy and plonk plants in a bed. But with rising inflation and soaring fuel prices, sowing seed is more attractive. A pack of 125 Calendula officinalis ‘Indian Prince’ seed costs £1.95, and the seed lasts for years. You’ll cough up £6.95 for 5 seedlings.