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Prepare to sizzle, how to grow red-hot spices in your garden

These New World chillies arrived in Europe early in the 16th century, and unlike most American imports they quickly became very popular. As with other empires like England, the Spaniards brought home seeds and plants from their colonies, hoping they could exploit their economic value.

Always trust your gut when pruning in the garden

Pruning is one of the garden’s most important and satisfying jobs. It keeps shrubs and trees healthy and attractive and over the next few weeks, I always relish the rewarding task of licking my apple trees into shape.

Dave Allan: The joy of a Scottish garden in winter

The pace is quickening, faster and faster, as we frenziedly scurry around to make sure Christmas is a joyful, happy day. In all this melée, I crave a moment of peace when plans and timetables slip gently away. You get things into proportion. You realise that it’s not the end of the world if Amazon doesn’t get presents to some shamefully forgotten relatives in time.