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First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Picture: Gordon Terris
Torness nuclear power station, near Dunbar Picture: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
‘The SNP Government sitting comfortably in Holyrood realises there is a problem but misdiagnoses what that problem is’. Picture: Gordon Terris
‘I agree the UK leaving the EU was, on balance, a mistake’ Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Scotland gets ‘more than fair share from the UK and not just in defence’ .Picture: Gordon Terris
Tony Blair is the only Labour Prime Minister to win a General Election since 1974 Picture: Stefan Rousseau/PA
Those in medicine hold politicians and the public in their thrall amid the coronavirus pandemic Picture: Andrew Milligan/ PA Wire
The trigger for another independence referendum should be transparent and understood Picture: Colin Mearns
‘The Scottish Government enjoys spending the dividend we get as part of the UK’ Picture: Colin Mearns
Picture: Colin Mearns