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Kevin McKenna: How speedway is putting heart back into hardscrabble Glasgow district

NOTHING prepares you for your first taste of live, close-up speedway in the raw. You’d watched it as a child on Saturday afternoons on BBC’s Grandstand, or was it ITV’s World of Sport? And you’d been thrilled by some of the crashes, then awestruck when these shilpit, young lads with a bantam-weight’s build had walked away unaided.

Opinion Kevin McKenna: The rot of cancel culture starts at very top of Scottish Government

THE wider Yes movement should be celebrating Joanna Cherry’s victory over The Stand Comedy Club in her fight to be heard. This goes beyond issues around free speech and the cancel culture which has begun to settle – like a blight – upon civic Scotland. Quite simply, the Scottish public need to be reminded that there still exist within the SNP eloquent and grown-up politicians who aren’t in thrall to a mob of misogynists.