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In search of Scotland’s secret rainforest

"I’M not sure we should reveal the location,” says Kate Holl. “What if it attracts loads of people?” That, I tell her, is unlikely. We’ve driven three hours from the central belt, taken a bouncy ride in a small boat to an island, tramped for four miles along roads and tracks, changed into wellies to wade across several hundred yards of sea-scoured mud and shell sand, scrambled up rocks, and fought our way through brambles, blackthorn, heather and sprouting hazel.

An awfully big Scottish adventure

SCOTLAND, says Jim Mee, is the best place in the world for adventure races. You would expect him to be keen on the country: his business started here, with a groundbreaking event in Edinburgh, the Rat Race, in 2004. Participants abseiled, ran, cycled and canoed around the city, turning it into an urban adventure playground.