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RON MCKAY’S DIARY Come on Ma'am, Blair is a man who has made millions from some of the nastiest despots and most oppressive regimes on the planet

At close of play on Friday, more than a million people had signed the petition to have Tony Blair’s knighthood rescinded. A recent YouGov poll found that just 14 per cent of people approved of him being awarded it, fewer than those who believe the Moon landings were faked. What a comedown for man who, at the height of his popularity, enjoyed a 93% approval rating.

SPOTLIGHT Why I genuinely hate Christmas

Why do I hate Christmas? Let me count the ways. From its beginning before Halloween to the way it fails to end even with the ridiculous Boxing Day sales, where people queue up for hours to jostle and elbow each other as they scramble for leftover tat. To the discarded detritus, the shredded paper, the empty bottles, the bloated bellies, to the discarded Santa hats and reindeer jumpers – it’s all just a prolonged glut of commercialisation and existential angst.