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DANI GARAVELLI SNP ‘housing emergency’ declaration is simply an admission of failure, Mr Swinney

IT WOULD make a niche Scottish parlour game: guess what “emergency” the SNP will declare next. If the criterion is crises that have peaked on their watch, then it’s a pretty large field. We’ve already ticked off “climate”, “drugs deaths” and, just last week, “housing”. How about an ambulance emergency, or a prisons emergency or a culture emergency? Or, wait, I’ve got it - a ferries emergency?

DANI GARAVELLI When holidaying these days, my missing children feel like phantom limbs

MY sons were born travellers. That’s not a boast; it’s a fact. At home, I often struggled to get them breakfasted and out the door of a morning. After school, they’d squabble and trip each other up while I was making dinner. But put three small knapsacks on their backs, and three small caps on their three small heads, and - ta da! - we were transformed into (half of the) von Trapps ready to Climb Ev’ry Mountain.