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Struan Stevenson: The innocent animal victims of Houthi Red Sea attacks

The innocent animal victims of Houthi Red Sea attacks Attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea, by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, have had a direct impact on live sheep and cattle exports, creating an animal welfare crisis. A ship carrying around 14,000 sheep and 2,000 cattle was marooned off the Australian coast in sweltering heat after it was forced to abandon its trip through the Red Sea because of the danger of drone or missile strikes.

Opinion Struan Stevenson: Beware Russia and Iran – the new axis of evil

Stephen King, the famous American author, wrote: “Killing children for God, or ideology, or both – no hell could be hot enough for those who’d do such things”. It could be a fitting epitaph for Vladimir Putin and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, two partners in crime and mass murder. As Russia and Iran gradually consolidate their relationship, the foundation stones for this pariah alliance are clear to see.