CAIRNGORM Windows says it has secured £5 million of solar panel sales in just over a year.

The Inverness company, which is better known for manufacturing uPVC windows, said it had taken on 10 staff to cope with the demand for photo voltaic panels from businesses and consumers.

The company's managing director, David Dowling, said: "It is boom time for us just now and shows that our initial £500,000 investment in panels was a gamble which has paid rich dividends.

"This is a very welcome new income stream for us and we see further employment being generated down the line."

The company said it has installed systems of all sizes, including some with more than 200 panels, across the north east.

Mr Dowling added: "In July, we took in £500,000 from panels and inquiries to our website are currently running at 270 a month, so the outlook remains highly positive."