AZOLVE, the Glasgow-based software firm that specialises in streamlining administration processes, has announced plans to open a US office.

The wholly-owned, New York-based subsidiary will be used as a springboard to expand Azolve's subscription-based business model, whose clients include the Wood Group and sportscotland, across the Atlantic.

It will be headed by Azolve chief executive David Pring, who is due to take up the position next month.

Sales manager Stephen McCusker said: "It [US] is a competitive market but again the pickings are much richer as well.

"It is an exponentially larger market than here. Even a small percentage of that is going to be fantastic for the growth of our company."

Mr McCusker said the company was in the process of making its package client friendly in the US.

Given the maturity of cloud-based and mobile applications in the country, he said is looking to introduce one or two of its most popular solutions on a subscription basis.

He said: "We are extremely flexible to customer demands and can respond quickly to those. I am pretty sure when we get to the States we will release certain versions of some of our more popular applications, but as soon as we start getting in front of customers they will be asking questions which end up with us creating other solutions for them.

"That is the big selling point for what we do - as soon as we start showing customers what we can do, they start thinking laterally."

Azolve's streamlining solutions include a Sports Administration System. Adopted in this country by Snowsport Scotland, it allows clients to manage membership information, track payments and facilitate communication.

The company also offers an activity-based costing solution and a staff expenses application, which Mr McCusker said had been taken up by further education colleges because of its ability to unite and enhance disparate IT systems.

He explained: "There are some neat solutions that add value to existing IT and also provide some new functionality from our system which again accelerates their administration.

"When we get in front of customers they are really excited and enthused because we basically taken manual labour away from them [like calculations] and accelerate data automatically for them."

Azolve, which was founded in 2002, has offices in Harrogate and Dhaka, Bangladesh. It employs 30 staff in total.

Mr Pring said: "I am confident that Azolve's range of administration streamlining solutions will appeal to US customers.

"The Americas offers huge potential growth and a whole new chapter in the history of Azolve."