A RANGE of goods bearing the branding of famous Scottish biscuit firm Tunnock's has secured countrywide distribution in Tesco stores around Scotland.

It comes after the supermarket retailer awarded an exclusive supply deal to the Orb Group, the Glasgow-based promotional merchandising company that designs the items.

The products, which include mugs, coasters, tea towels and jute bags sporting Tunnock's Caramel Wafer and Teacakes branding, are being rolled out in stores this week. The six-figure deal will see the goods appear in 68 Tesco superstores and Extra outlets, where they will initially be merchandised within Tesco's "Scotland's Favourite" aisles.

It marks the first mainstream retail listing that Orb, whose clients also include The Famous Grouse, Irn-Bru, Walkers Shortbread and Aston Martin, has won for its branded merchandise.

The products, which Orb commissions manufacturers around the world to make, are more typically used by clients as corporate gifts, incentives or sold in company shops or websites.

Orb Group managing director Mike Smith said: "We work with a lot of iconic brands, for example, we do some of the clothing for Aston Martin which they sell from their website.

"The Famous Grouse sell it from their own shop. [But] there is a difference between that and taking a brand into the UK's biggest [multiple grocer].

"It is significant for Tunnock's and for us."

Mr Smith believes the deal will lead to even greater awareness of the already-strong Tunnock's brand.

He added: "For Tunnock's to have a brand strong enough for people to buy merchandise with their logo on it... will evolve their brand significantly.

"The brand awareness [they will get] will be superb."

Mr Smith expects the goods to strike a chord with younger consumers, due to the brand's retro appeal and older people who have known the brand throughout their lives. Depending on sales, he said the contract could lead to repeat orders and requests for brand extensions.

He also hopes to ultimately secure listings in Tesco stores outside Scotland's borders.

Contending the nature of the products means consumers will use the items every day, he is convinced the items will "fly out" the doors of Tesco stores in the run up to Christmas.

Fergus Loudon, operations director of Tunnock's, said: "We initially introduced our retail products online last year, however it was always our intention to make the Tunnock's gift range available via the high street too. We are delighted and excited about this partnership with Tesco, which affords the opportunity to offer their customers immediate and exclusive access to the range."