A BUSINESS coach is aiming to inspire more women to start up their own enterprises when she brings her roadshow to Glasgow on Wednesday.

Claire Mitchell, who set up The Girls Mean Business 18 months ago, hopes the event at the Premier Inn in George Street (10.30-5.30, £55), will help equip women with the confidence, marketing and time-management skills to succeed in business.

Ms Mitchell ran various consultancy businesses between 2005 and 2011, after a 15-year career holding marketing posts in the corporate world. She launched The Girls Mean Business after setting up a Facebook page for women in business to share experiences, shortly after her own marketing agency went bust.

Within three months, the page had 3000 friends, convincing Ms Mitchell it was the basis for a formal coaching service for women.

That was 18 months ago and now the Facebook page has 15,000 "likes".

About 60% of the site is marketing-based, with information on strategy and advice on overcoming confidence and time-management problems making up the rest. The Girls Mean Business earns revenue by selling online tutorials. In the first week, Ms Mitchell sold four at £1000 each, and to date has turned over about £80,000.