A NEW US energy technology, which uses robotics to control solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and trackers to ensure they generate the maximum possible energy from sunrise to sunset, has arrived in the UK.

Aimed at farmers and landowners who have 1 to 1.5 acres of land to site the solar panels, Castillium, a UK- based renewable energy developer and supplier focused on the ground-mounted solar PV market, has imported the system to Britain after it proved itself in other markets.

The new system uses the Robotic Tracking System (RTS), patented by C­ali-fornia-based QBotix, to ensure the panels follow the sun through the day like a sunflower.

This accurate alignment, or optimised dual-axis ­tracking, means that the system can capture the maximum energy from the sun all day.

On launching it into the UK earlier this week, Alistair Fell, a director of Castillium claimed: "The QBotix system is more efficient than ­traditional solar PV systems.

"Typically, the RTS sys-tem increases energy generation by around 30-35% in the UK, improving return on investment by around 20% compared to static panels."

Market round-up

United Auctions sold 165 store heifers at Stirling on Wednesday to a top of 238.6p per kg and an average 207.3p (-0.6p on the week), while 357 store, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 253.8p and levelled at 214.4p (-3.9p). Forty-seven store, B&W bullocks sold to 185.5p and averaged 157.9p (+11.3p). In the rough ring 163 cows averaged 118.4p.

The firm also had 3617 store lambs forward. Top prices and averages: Suffolks to £65 and averaged £60.06 (-£5.98 on the year); Texels £72.50 and £61.79 (+£1.56); Beltex £63.50 and £60.14 (-£3.32); Mules £56 and £54.33 (+32p); Blackfaces £47.50 and £39.28 (+£1.41).

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 900 prime lambs in Newton Stewart to a top of £94 per head and 200p per kg to average 169.5p (+3.3p on the week).

The 122 cast sheep forward saw ewes sell to £86 for Texel Crosses and £52 for Blackfaces.