STV chief executive Rob Woodward has seen his pay package surge by £60,000 after receiving a higher bonus.

The broadcaster's annual report shows Mr Woodward was paid a total of £661,000 in 2014.

That was made up of a basic salary of £380,000, an annual bonus of £189,000, pension payments worth £76,000 and other benefits to the value of £16,000.

Mr Woodward received £601,000 in the prior year with all elements at the same level apart from his annual bonus which was £129,000.

The report states his base salary is being increased by two per cent to £388,000.

Finance director George Watt received £379,000 in 2014 which comprised a basic salary of £214,000, bonus of £106,000, pension at £43,000 and other benefits worth £16,000.

Mr Watt was paid £346,000 in the prior year when his bonus was £73,000.

Mr Watt is also seeing his basic salary rise by two per cent to £218,000.

The salary rise for executive directors is lower than the 2.8 per cent increase awarded to staff across the company.

STV said fees for non-executive directors - £95,000 for the chairman and £32,500 for other non-executives - will remain the same.

Genevieve Shore, chairman of the remuneration committee, outlined proposed changes to STV's remuneration policy which include 20 per cent of annual bonus being deferred for a period of three years, new long-term incentive plan offering up to 100 per cent of salary in shares and in the introduction of extensive recovery provisions.

Those changes will be voted on at the company's annual general meeting later this year.