Did you know that, per head of population, Paisley is second only to Edinburgh in its listed building count? Probably not, yet the principle behind that question – a lack of knowledge of the town’s strengths – continues to occupy regeneration leaders.

Imagination may be the key trigger. The power of understanding its potential, then communicating the offer to the population and visitors alike, will be crucial, according to Bob Davidson, Chief Executive at Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce.

“Paisley has a great heritage that some people are aware of – and a large number of people are still not really aware of,” he says. “Glasgow Airport is in Paisley but again a lot of people don’t realise that because of the name. They just know the name on a sign on the M8 – a road that goes straight to Glasgow.

“A lot of the effort that we’re putting in is around businesspeople coming up with something that is unique and different. 

“There is a real swell of genuine interest in the regeneration. The ‘Paisley Buddy’ is very proud but some people think, unfairly, it is for the council to sort all of this out. Yes, they have a very important part to play but it is down to businesspeople to come up with an offering that entices people in on a regular basis.”

Davidson is a proponent of partnership and co-ordination. Properly twinned, in five years’ time he believes much more will be obvious about Paisley’s reinvention.