A Lanarkshire software testing firm has doubled profits after capitalising on the dramatic growth in the number of products and services that are delivered over the internet.

Bellshill-based Edge Testing Solutions grew operating profits to £1.3 million in 2015 when the company maintained the strong growth in sales it has achieved in recent years.

Chief executive Brian Ferrie said the success last year was partly driven by the development of facilities which allow consumers to complete an ever increasing number of tasks and leisure activities online, from paying parking tickets to watching films.

“We want everything online and we want to be able transact when we want to,” said Mr Ferrie.

He noted that companies are having to develop facilities such as apps that can be used on a range of platforms including tablets and mobile phones. They must be compatible with the devices produced by different manufacturers.

This has led to a big increase in demand for testing services that will allow firms to check that their systems are transmitting information to and from consumers correctly and can complete the required functions.

Edge Testing Solutions has established a digital entertainment division, which works for firms in sectors such as computer games development, online gambling and broadcasting.

Mr Ferrie believes the emergence of the so-called Internet of Things will fuel further big increases in demand as companies develop technology that people could use to do things like control their home heating systems from their cars.

The company has also achieved strong growth in its longstanding core market, for testing the systems that companies develop for their own use.

Financial services firms have been investing heavily in upgrading their systems.

Edge Testing Solutions works for banks, insurance companies and investment management firms.

Kwik Fit Insurance and the Baillie Gifford asset management firm are clients. Others include Flybe and The Scottish Prisons Service.

Mr Ferrie is confident that the company will easily beat the £10m turnover target that it set for this year in its 2014 business plan. On current trends he expects the firm to grow turnover to £12.5m this year from £9.4 million last year.

He expects much of the growth to be achieved in England where the company generates around 30 per cent of revenues. The operations it established in London and Birmingham in recent years have been performing well.

A move into northern England is likely at some point.

The company expects to create around 20 new jobs this year.

Founded in 2007, Edge Testing Solutions has more than 150 people working for it.

The company invested heavily in developing its Edge Academy training operation to ensure it would have enough employees with the specialist skills required.

Around 40 people have been selected for the two year programme to date, including some who have switched careers.

The current cohort includes a former police officer who is in his 50s.

Mr Ferrie graduated in computer science from Strathclyde University. He founded Edge Testing Solutions with Susan Chadwick after they had held senior roles at IT firms including Newell & Budge.

The business was launched shortly before the downturn in the banking sector which was triggered by the credit crunch.