FORMER Red Bull marketing chief Huib van Bockel has declared the launch of his new natural energy drink could not have been timed any better as the UK Government prepares to introduce the so-called sugar tax.

Mr van Bockel addressed an audience of business leaders in Glasgow this week at an event hosted by KPMG. The main thrust of his speech was around the “age of disruption” in business, and how companies can not only make sure they are aware of when their business is being disrupted, but how best to respond to it. He also spoke about how companies deal with the rapidly-changing media environment.

Mr van Bockel, who led many of Red Bull’s biggest marketing campaigns during an eight-year spell at the energy drink, falls into the disruptor category himself. Unlike other energy drinks Tenzing, which is listed by retailers such as Whole Foods and Sainsbury’s, is made only from natural ingredients.

He admits that next month’s advent of the levy, which has led some major brands to reformulate their recipes, has been a stroke of good fortune. The sugar content of Tenzing, which is made in The Netherlands, is so low it will not attract the sugar tax.

Mr van Bockel said: “It’s been massive luck, which I guess is what you need as start-up. I think it is good, because it does give awareness to people. It’s forcing companies to change. “What is less good is they are then replacing it [sugar] with all these artificial sweeteners.”

One change Mr van Bockel is less enthusiastic about is Brexit. While sterling’s weakness since the vote has given a boost to his business, he feels anything that stops the free movement of talent is a “huge problem for businesses”.