ABERDEENSHIRE food maker Macphie is to offer local residents free charging for their electric vehicles, after securing funding from Transport Scotland.

The company has installed two charging points at its Glenbervie site, which it said will supply electric vehicle charging for employees, visitors and the local community.

It said the investment forms part of its commitment to renewable energy and the sustainability of its operations. All mainstream vehicles can be charged at the point.

Chairman Alastair Macphie said: “The long-term sustainability of the environment is a priority for our business.

“We are always looking for ways to minimise the impact we have on the environment.

“This is an ideal way to promote the move away from fossil fuel as electric vehicle technology improves, the available ranges increase and prices come down.

“Our forklift truck fleet moved entirely to electric a few years ago, and we are now looking at the potential for other site vehicles.”

Macphie said it received the funding for the charging points from Transport Scotland, via a programme managed by the Energy Savings Trust.