A Glasgow firm, that launched a spectator light gadget two months ago for the Football World Cup, landed a deal to supply the Glasgow 2018 European Championships.

Myflag was available to buy for £25 from the official merchandise shop in George Square and sold out in just 9 days.

Haseeb Ibrahim, co-founder of Versatile LED said: “To supply the tournament in our hometown was such an honour. Its a brand new idea and were really pleased people have taken to it so quickly”.


Myflag was launched by Versatile LED, a company founded by Haseeb Ibrahim and Sandeep Singh in 2014 to help enhance event experience by offering an LED device for fan engagement.

The firm said Myflag helps fans increase their presence inside stadiums when cheering on athletes from a small, but powerful, rechargeable gadget. It said the device takes the “light ritual” at many live events of holding up mobile phones, and previously lighters, into a new era.

Versatile LED said Myflag allows fans to feel part of the sports action. With the option to animate and boost brightness, users have all 52 competing countries to choose from. The display can also be changed using the buttons to show solid colours such as red or yellow, to represent a card the fan thinks the referee should issue.

The product has already gained popularity in the LGBT community. They exhibited at Kelvingrove Park for Pride Festival and sold almost 25 units per day. This range has seen the highest number of sales online.

The 104 LED display is designed to be highly visible even at distance and many of their customers have been seen using the product as a road safety device. They said its been popular with kids because its fun and so different from any other safety light.


The firm are planning another range that introduces the product into club level sports. It said, fans for teams like Celtic Football Club, Brahead Ice Clan and Glasgow Rocks Basketball are already taking part in a ‘light ritual’ at every game.

Since their their soft launch in April, the company has sold over 350 units and realized their core markets as International tournaments, domestic sports and pride festivals.


The firm recently hired a creative director and are looking to recruit a further six over the 12 months, including web developer, videographer and social media manager.

Sandeep Singh, co-founder of Versatile LED said “We have gotten off to a good start with games and are already in discussions to supply another major tournament. With some promotion and endorsement, we could go a lot further”

It said the global sports merchandise market is growing and is estimated to be worth more than $46 billion by 2026 with LED products are only just emerging in the sector.

A Myflag device costs £24.99 and can be shipped in the UK within a day, and across Europe. It is a standalone device that can be customized at the time of buying on their website to include any flag of your choice.

Haseeb Ibrahim, Versatile LED co-founder and former events promoter, said: "Event organizers are under pressure to deliver bigger and better events each year. Were confident a product like myflag will be welcomed into this space.”

My Flag is available to buy here or visit www.myflag.co.uk and you can recieve an EXCLUSIVE discount using code "NEWS10​"