SCOTTISH technology firm NVT Group is on track for a “record-breaking” year as it continues to reap the benefits of delivering projects at major international sporting events.

Managing director Hamish Fraser said the company, founded 30 years ago by chairman Stephen Park Brown, is on track to generate turnover of up to £10 million in 2018. It had already matched last year’s turnover, of £6.9m, in the first seven months of the year.

The expansion has NVT on course to deliver annual profits in the region of £700,000 to £800,000 – more than double the £315,696 it achieved in 2017.

Mr Fraser said the Bellshill-based company is benefiting from the innovations it developed for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014, when it provided a range of technology to the event. Those innovations have since been enhanced and redeployed, including at the Glasgow 2018 European Championships this summer.

Mr Fraser said NVT’s work at Glasgow 2018, which saw the city stage cycling, swimming, and gymnastics events while Berlin hosted athletics, had been a “massive success”. He stated: “As part of our growth figures, that is a very strong pillar in that performance.”

Asked how important it has been for NVT to establish a track record in providing services to major sporting events, Mr Fraser replied: “I think they have been strategically important. This journey started back in 2012 when we won the public sector tender for the Commonwealth Games.

“We subsequently went on and delivered additional multi-sport projects out in Baku in Azerbaijan (the first European Games in 2015), which was a piece of international business we would never have had had we not won the Commonwealth. Equally, we’d never have moved on and won the European Championships had we not had that unique capability in Scotland, actually, to understand and deliver multi-sport event technologies.”

He added: “We wouldn’t have been anywhere near those projects if we hadn’t done the Commonwealth Games. It was a real breakthrough moment for us.”

Mr Fraser, who succeeded Mr Park Brown as managing director in January, highlighted the role played by brands developed by NVT in its expansion. These include cloud platform Viia, which was used at the European Championships. He described it as a “real enabler” for organisations to move from “legacy on-prem[ises] infrastructure to really embracing the opportunities that cloud-based strategies can give.”

He also cited the impact made its Concepta product, first used as a tool to analyse data from multiple sources at the Commonwealth Games. NVT used it to assess how its infrastructure performed during the event, with clients now adopting the technology to analyse their security risks and measure their performance against “industry baselines”.

Mr Fraser said: “Concepta, as a tool set, allows you to visualise contextually-relevant information for any number of business challenges. That’s actually a product that’s going to give us real opportunities to internationalise this business.”

At present, NVT’s international activity is confined to supporting clients with operations overseas. But Mr Fraser said that, as brands such as Viia and Concepta grow through global distribution channels, it will expand globally.

The company’s headcount currently stands at more than 70, having grown by 10 percent this year. More recruitment will follow before Christmas. Mr Fraser said: “We’re delighted with the talent available in the marketplace for us to grow the business.”

Mr Fraser added he was cheered to see three women move into positions in NVT’s senior management team, meaning females now account for 25% of the leadership group. But he acknowledged that, as an industry, technology still struggles to attract more young females. He said the industry has to do more to highlight the breadth of roles that IT has to offer.