St Andrews’ Fairmont Hotel has declared it will save more than 55,000 plastic bottles a year by switching from disposable to refillable bottles in its rooms.

Guests at the Fife hotel can top up with water under a new push to reduce waste and help the environment.

Water top up taps will also be installed around the hotel as part of the new Your Water Your Life campaign by Scottish Water.

The utility firm is encouraging other businesses to follow suit and help make it easier for people to top up by offering access to tap water in their premises.

Douglas Millican, chief executive of Scottish Water, said: "Fairmont St Andrews is to be commended for investing in this initiative which will not only ensure guests at the hotel can easily top up from the tap and enjoy our fantastic Scottish water, but also make a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste.

"We’re delighted to be partnering with them and hope other businesses across Scotland will follow their lead."

John Keating, general manager, Fairmont St Andrews, said: "In addition to eradicating plastic bottles we will be installing three water fountains around the resort making it much easier for guests to top up with their own water bottles."

The campaign aims to show that using non-bottled water can benefit health and wellbeing while saving money and the environment.

There are plans to install top up taps in around 30 towns and cities over the next two years.

It comes as public pressure mounts on governments to tackle plastic pollution.