OMEGA Diagnostics, the Scots company focused on allergy, food intolerance and infectious disease, has received the first orders for one of its HIV testing kits.

The Alva firm made the announcement as it declared it is due to report a 28 per cent fall revenue of £9.74 million for the year ended March 31, in line with expectations, in a year which saw it divest its infectious disease unit and close its German allergy business.

The company said: “We received the first orders for our Visitect CD4 test resulting in shipments of a modest value within the financial year just ended.

“The national performance evaluation for this product version, necessary prior to commercialisation, has recently started in six states in Nigeria and we look forward to accessing this market once the evaluation is complete. We will provide further updates in due course.”

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Colin King, of Omega, said: “We have made significant progress in the last 12 months to streamline our business and to focus on those areas that can deliver the most shareholder value.

“Our food intolerance division has performed well and is positioned for further growth.

“I am also very pleased with the progress that the company has made over the last year in completing the development of our VisitectCD4 tests and assuring these tests meet the regulatory requirements in multiple countries.

“This will enable their purchase and use, benefiting the hundreds of thousands of people currently living with HIV, especially those living in resource limited settings.”

The firm said it had achieved delivery targets against development timelines and food intolerance returned to revenue growth of seven per cent over the prior year and it “has made good progress with partners in developing the opportunities for this division in China and US”.