CALNEX Solutions, the Scottish telecommunications testing specialist, has made its second acquisition in 15 months.

The Linlithgow-based firm, which manufactures testing solutions for mobile networks and fixed line telecommunications, has acquired Luceo Technologies GmbH of Berlin for an undisclosed sum. The German company specialises in manufacturing high speed optical components.

Calnex chief executive Tommy Cook said the Scottish firm will retain the Berlin base as a business unit for product development and technical customer support. However, it will transfer the manufacturing of its components to its partner, Kelvinside Electronics in Kilsyth.

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Mr Cook said Calnex pursued a similar strategy following its acquisition of Belfast-firm JAR Technologies last year, freeing the Northern Ireland operation to focus on research and development. He noted that the Belfast division has since seen a “five-fold increase in sales” since becoming part of Calnex.

Asked whether the company would contemplate further acquisitions, Mr Cook said Calnex would continue to pursue both “organic and inorganic” growth.

While the company has grown since its establishment 15 years through researching and development its own products, it has more recently looking to bring younger, innovative manufacturers into its fold to improve their operational excellence and accelerate their growth, he said.

“That is what we did with the group in Belfast and its really successful for us,” Mr Cook added. “Now we have found this other group in Berlin and they are really into the component tests. What they test is the very high-speed optical components and it’s a new market area for us.”

Noting that technology markets are cyclical by nature, Mr Cook said: “We are really trying to expand and have a bigger portfolio of product lines to expand our addressable market but also increase our resilience and ability to grow consistently.”