TRANSPORT veteran David Martin will step down from the board at McGill’s Bus Service “shortly” following his appointment as chairman of FirstGroup, writes Scott Wright.

Mr Martin, who ran bus giant Arriva between 2006 and 2016, has been on the board at Inverclyde-based McGill’s as a non-executive director since August 2017.

He was appointed chairman of FirstGroup on Thursday weeks after activist investor Coast Capital put forward his name among a group of nominees it said should be added to the board to help improve the performance of the transport giant.

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Both McGill’s and FirstGroup, through its First Bus operation, run extensive routes throughout Glasgow.

McGill’s is owned by Arranglen, the transport, property and manufacturing company founded by brothers Sandy and James Easdale.

Chairman James Easdale said: “We were thrilled when David joined us two years ago as a non-executive director. He brought decades of experience in the transport industry and it has been a great relationship for both parties and for the business.”

McGill’s said at the time Mr Martin joined in 2017 that his experience of “managing flotations” would be “invaluable” to the firm. There are no immediate plans to float McGill’s however the options is not off the table.