HARRISON & Hetherington Ltd sold 50 prime heifers in St Boswells yesterday to a top of 242p/kg and an average of 198p (-8p), while 23 prime bullocks peaked at 222p and levelled at 189p (n/c). Two young bulls sold to a top of £1,751.

In the rough ring 35 cast cows sold to £1,507 and 159p to average 129p (+2p).

There were also 1,231 prime lambs that sold to £105 and 214p for Beltex to average 164p (-11p).

In the cast sheep section 644 ewes averaged £52.62 overall (-£5.84). Heavy ewes peaked at £97 for Suffolks and averaged £77, while light ewes peaked at £72 for Cheviots and levelled at £40.

The firm also sold 31 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 234p and an average of 201p (+5p), while 21 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 220p and levelled at 196p (+8p).

Six prime, dairy-bred bullocks sold to 142p and averaged 137p (n/a). Fifty-eight prime, beef-bred bulls sold to 214p and averaged 171p (-5p), while 27 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 154p and levelled at 134p (-12p).

In the rough ring 206 cast dairy cows sold to 143p and averaged 94p (n/c), while 91 cast beef cows peaked at 171p and averaged 140p (-2p). Nine cast bulls peaked at 171p and averaged 140p (-27p).

There were also 1,809 prime lambs that sold to £100.80 and 232p to average 167p (-10p).

In the cast sheep ring 149 heavy ewes sold to £100.50 for Texels and averaged £66.69 (n/c), while 71 light ewes peaked at £85 for Cheviot mules and levelled at £25.62 (-£14.73).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,541 prime Lambs at Ayr yesterday to a top of £87 for a pair of Beltex and to 199p/kg for a trio of Beltex. The sale averaged 156p overall (-12p).

Cast sheep also sold at lower rates this week. Heavy ewes sold to £143 for a pure Texel and Mules made up to £65.50.

Lawrie & Symington sold 125 cattle at Lanark yesterday comprising of 33 bullocks and heifers, five young bulls, 67 cast cows & bulls and 20 calves.

Prime heifers sold to £1,482 and 235p, while prime bullocks peaked at £1,281 and 202p. Young bulls made up to £1,383. In the rough ring cast beef cows sold to £1,335 and 155p, while cast dairy cows peaked at £805 and 106p. Cast bulls sold to £1,200.

There were also 2,756 lambs and 1,769 cast ewes forward. The sale of prime lambs was topped at £94 and 208p for Beltex. The overall average was 158p (-12p).

The 1,769 cast ewes and rams forward were also slightly easier on the week. The sale was topped at £149 for Texels with Blackfaces to £57.