Lawrie & Symington Ltd sold 138 cattle comprising 52 prime bullocks & heifers, 7 young bulls and 79 cast cows & bulls at Lanark on Monday.

Prime heifers sold to £1460 and 250p/kg for a Limousin, while prime bullocks sold to £1356 and 233p/kg which was also for a Limousin. The 22 beef prime cattle averaged 230p (+10p) and the 30 dairy prime cattle averaged 176p (+6p). Seven young bulls sold to 190p and averaged 172p (-8p).

In the rough ring 39 cast beef cows sold to £1265 and 156p to average 115p (-5p), while 37 cast dairy cows peaked at £955 and 126p to level at 88p (n/c). Three cast bulls topped at 115p and averaged 100p (n/c).

The 2801 prime lambs forward sold up to £100 for Texels and for Beltex, while the top price per kilo was 238p for Beltex. The overall average was 162p (+4p).

There were also 2014 cast sheep forward which averaged £51.40 (-£1.98). Heavy ewes sold to £158 for Texels, while light ewes peaked at £58 for Blackfaces.

The firm also had 884 head forward to their fortnightly sale of Store Cattle at Lanark on Tuesday. Bullocks topped at £1015 for a Charolais x and to 207p for a Charolais x to average 186p/kg. Heifers peaked at £1135 for a Limousin x and to 212p for a Limousin x to level at 183p/kg. Dairy bullocks sold to £815 for a British Friesian and to 151p to average 125p/kg.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 10 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday to a top of £1333 and 238p/kg to average £1201 or 224p, while 2 prime bullocks peaked at 191p and averaged £1115 or 186p.

In the rough ring 79 cast beef cows sold to £1270 and 163p for a Limousin to average 120p, while 84 cast dairy cows peaked at £830 and 121p to level at 83p. Eight cast bulls sold to £1000 for an Aberdeen Angus and 137p for another Aberdeen Angus to average 101p, while 5 Clean, OTM cattle peaked at £880 and 138p to level at 133p.

Seven dairy cattle sold to £1720 for a fresh calved Holstein Friesian cow and to £1700 for a Holstein Friesian heifer.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd had 727 prime lambs forward at their weekly sale in Newton Stewart yesterday. Top prices on the day were £88 per head for Texels and 185p per kg for Beltex with the overall average levelling at 163p (+5p on the week).

Cast sheep sold to £93 for heavy Texels. Mules sold to £64 and Blackfaces to £50.

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries yesterday. 942 Prime lambs peaked at £85 and 197p/kg.