Innovative IT firm CGI promises ‘work with a purpose’ with new employees hailing from myriad of backgrounds

WE tend to think of the recruitment process as a one-way street, the power lying solely with the recruiter. That is changing, however. People at all stages of their working life are looking for a career where they can be involved in stimulating work, preferably work that has a significant impact on day-to-day life. 

At CGI, work has a wide-ranging social and economic impact; from education to healthcare, through to online security and bringing criminals to justice. The company is continuing to recruit talented individuals to make CGI a truly diverse company – from those at the beginning of their careers to people with experience in a wide range of areas, who could be looking for a change in their second or even third career.

“The programmes have a huge social and economic impact both on our doorstep and globally,” says Stuart Stenhouse, Recruitment Manager for CGI in Scotland. “The skills that we look for cover much more than tech and software development, however. We recruit for Project and Service Management, Architecture, Consulting & Subject Matter Experts, Business Process Outsourcing, Account and Operations Management, Business Analysis, Testing and Assurance, Software Engineering, Bid Management, Infrastructure Services, Applications Management, Finance and Human Resources. All of these feed into the work that has a positive influence on our lives.”

CGI’s role in education helps parents to make informed choices for their children, with the IT support to Ofsted enabling the publiction of more than two million Ofsted reports in the past decade. There is also work with NHS Trusts to improve patient care, with the e-PMA solution improving patient safety and strengthening clinical decision making. CGI also built and maintains the Police National Database, works in the vital field of cybersecurity and helps armed forces personnel to contact loved ones. 

“We’re helping governments deal with disasters, manage crises, and improve border security, as well as saving lives by providing accurate information on humanitarian crises by bringing together different satellite communication services.”

The workplace culture is another aspect that those looking for the next stage in their career consider closely. When you join CGI, you become a member, not just an employee, with a stake in the company. “You have a say in the future of our company,” adds Stuart. 

“Supportive teams, meaningful work, and an empowering environment help to set your career apart. There is a sense of ownership and accountability that influences every aspect of our work. We support your career by investing in training and development – I have never worked in a company that invests as heavily in that as CGI. We help you gain formal qualifications, making sure that work is enjoyable and stimulating.”

CGI is particularly strong on inclusivity, knowing that a diverse workforce strengthens it for the future. “We’re passionate about diversity, inclusion and development, harnessing talent across gender and cultures. In an industry where equality and inclusion can lag behind the curve, we are committed to increasing diversity at all levels. We are committed to supporting women in tech careers, and escpecially keen to hear from tham as they are still underrepresented in our industry.”

Flexibility is something that Stuart views as important and has experienced it first-hand. “I know that as a father of two daughters – it can sometimes be important to be at home for different family events. People increasingly need flexibility for a variety of reasons.”

There is an open working culture at CGI and one that helps with communication and collaboration. He points to the example that one day he can be working in the office with a Modern Apprentice on his left and a company Vice President to his right. “Our recruitment process is slick, easy and highly personable,” says Stuart. 

“Visit our website, upload your CV, answer a few questions and we’ll be in touch. Or alternatively connect with me on LinkedIn.”
As well as the member’s stake in the company, CGI provides flexibility to tailor a package to individual needs. That includes decisions on pension, holidays, training, healthcare, and share scheme packages. 

Members will find a culture that has opportunities for social activity, networking, and volunteering to inspire new interests and give something back to the community.

“Our benefits package isn’t something tacked on to your contract,” adds Stuart. “We want a career at CGI to truly reflect our values and culture, and that means giving you the support to pursue your ambitions inside and outside the office.”