Different world

THE world of fund management has been transformed since the 1980s, when Martin Gilbert began his adventure with Aberdeen Asset Management.

Mr Gilbert, who will leave Standard Life Aberdeen next year, said: “Thirty years ago, you didn’t get the Financial Times until about 11 o’clock in Aberdeen. It is now 24- hour news. It is very much a different industry from what it used to be, but it is an industry that is vital.”

Mr Gilbert added that crucial parts of the sector remain unchanged. “There is still a lot of relationship building,” he noted, “but there is no question it has changed.”

PR blunder

THE Bottom Line, as loyal readers will hopefully agree, prefers to take a wry look at business life. But a growing trend has got the hackles up.

And this week it was The Royal Bank of Scotland Great British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards which inadvertently stoked the flames. It yesterday unveiled the news that the founder of Hey Girls, the Scottish business on a mission to tackle period poverty, has been named its Great British Entrepreneur of the Year for the Scotland region.

In no way do we wish to diminish the achievements of Celia Hodson, but since when did Scotland become a region? Public relations practitioners, please stop.

Talks on the road

ELSEWHERE in the country of Scotland, one of the main organisations dedicated to supporting women in business will be hosting a roadshow at the Lighthouse in Glasgow on October 31.

The Business Women Scotland event will feature talks on topics such as franchising, marketing, leadership and social media, with exhibitors offer advice and information. The lunchtime talk will be given by Liv Conlan of The Property Stagers. “What I love about events with Business Women Scotland is the value that not only the speakers share but also the knowledge within the audience. It’s incredible,” she said. “I will be sharing how I grew a seven-figure business from nothing in an industry that didn’t exist through organic social media marketing.”