C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their fortnightly sale of store cattle and suckled calves in Dumfries on Monday with 689 head forward. Prior to the sale the show of suckled calves was judged by David Morgan from Hereford who picked out a British Blue Heifer from Neil Shuttleworth, Drumburn as the best single animal. She weighed 290kg and went on to make £930 or 321p/kg.

The 277 Spring born calves were a similar trade on the year with bullocks selling to 288p and £840 to average 230p or £680. Heifers sold to 321p and £930 to average 206p or £575.

The 412 store cattle sold to £1085 and 227p for bullocks which averaged 186p, while store heifers made up to £1130 and 218p to average 180p.

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 12 prime heifers at Ayr on Tuesday to a top of 228p/kg and £1333 for a Limousin to average 208p or £1098, while 2 prime bullocks sold to 211p and averaged 207p and £1107.

In the rough ring 99 cast beef cows sold to £1210 for a Limousin and 140p for a Simmental to average 109p, while 105 cast dairy cows peaked at £900 for an Ayrshire and 110p for a Friesian to level at 83p. Seven cast bulls sold to £1260 and 118p for a Charolais to average 88p, while 7 Clean, OTM cattle peaked at £880 or 159p for the same British Blue heifer to level at 131p overall.

Nine dairy cattle sold to £2080 for a Holstein Friesian calved heifer and averaged £1603 overall.

Lawrie & Symington held their annual show & sale of spring born suckled calves at Lanark on Tuesday with 532 head forward. The show was judged by Mr Robin McDonald, Low Middleton, Belford. The championship was awarded to a Limousin cross bullock from Messrs Laird, Sunnyside/Carbello, Cumnock, which scaled 442kg and sold for £1,100 to the judge. Reserve championship went to a Limousin cross heifer from Mr R Orr, Lawhead, Tarbrax, which scaled 386kg and sold for £1,010. Bullocks topped at £1,160 for a British Blue and at 332p for a Limousin to average 218p. Heifers peaked at £1,010 twice for Limousins and at 314p for a British Blue to level at 211p.

C & D Auction Marts Ltd held their weekly sale of primestock in Dumfries yesterday.

Prime cattle sold to 210p/kg for a Limosuin cross heifer, while OTM Cattle sold to 143p and £1018.

Cast cows peaked at £1018 for a Simmental and 143p for a Limousin.

There were also 1174 prime lambs forward which topped at £90 for heavy Texels and 215p for lighter lambs. The 750 cast sheep forward were easier on the week.