BORDER Biscuits has launched a snack bar version of its flagship Dark Chocolate Ginger product as it looks to capitalise on the boom in demand for foods that people can eat on the move.

The Lanark-based company said it had developed the Dark Chocolate Ginger bars to fit in with the busy lifestyles of consumers who are snacking on the go more than ever.

The snack bar sector is one of the fastest growing areas of the biscuit market and Border Biscuits sees lots of potential in it.

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Owner and managing director John Cunningham said: “The new Dark Chocolate Ginger Bar is an exciting step in the evolution of the Border Biscuits brand. It’s our first individual snack bar which comes in response to the ever-changing habits of our consumers.”

Border Biscuits invested £1.5 million in adapting its manufacturing facilities to allow it to produce the bars.

They are made to the same recipe as its Dark Chocolate Ginger biscuits, which the company markets under the tag “famously fiery”.

These have helped the company to stand out in a competitive market.

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Border Biscuits grew turnover to around £17m in 2018 from £16m in the preceding year.

The figures for 2019 have yet to be finalised. However, marketing manager Suzie Carlaw said Border Biscuits achieved 15.7 per cent growth in sales volumes in the retail special treat market in the year.

Border Biscuits also supplies products in mini-pack form to hotels and the like.

The company employs more than 170 people.

The snack bars are on sale on Sainsbury’s outlets in Scotland. Border Biscuits expects to roll them out to stockists across the UK.

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Other Scottish food companies have launched products aimed at the snacking market in recent months.

Perthshire-based Bruce Farms developed the Podberry snack using freeze-dried peas and won a listing in Morrisons stores.

Podberry snacks will go on sale in the Middle East shortly under a partnership agreed by the business with the LuLu supermarket chain.

It has also agreed a deal with distribution firm The Bay Tree, which will supply Podberry products to independent retailers in the UK.

Oatcake maker Nairn’s has developed oat bars and crisp-like pop oats. In the Edinburgh-based company’s latest accounts Nairn’s said these products provided a healthy alternative in the high-growth snacking category.