HARRISON and Heatherington held its weekly sale of prime stock in Carlisle yesterday, where for the second week running the record price paid for cast sheep at the centre has been smashed.

This week 161 heavy ewes sold to a top of £285 for a Texel and averaged £160 (+£29), while 154 light ewes peaked at £102 for a Swaledale and levelled at £82 (+£10). These unprecedented prices for cast sheep in Carlisle were also very consistent with many other livestock auctions held yesterday.

There were also 1,963 prime hoggets that sold to £155 and 320p/kg to average 260p (+17p).

Thirty one prime heifers at the sale sold to a top of 240p/kg to average 221p (+13p), while 27 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 223p and levelled at 201p (+8p). One prime, dairy-bred bullocks sold to 148p (+5p).

There were also a total of 97 young bulls at the sale which averaged 181p overall (+9p).

The 56 prime, beef-bred young bulls sold to 228p and averaged 189p (+6p), while 41 prime, dairy-bred bulls peaked at 189p and levelled at 170p (+13p).

In the rough ring 151 cast dairy cows sold to 181p and averaged 111p (+2p), while 142 cast beef cows peaked at 217p and averaged 143p (+6p). Sixteen cast bulls made up to 180p and averaged 132p (+15p).

The firm also sold 62 clean cattle, 50 cast cows, 2,094 prime hoggets and 397 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Forty-two prime heifers sold to a top of 230p/kg to average 208p (-6p), while 20 prime bullocks peaked at 234p and averaged 208p (-3p). One young bull sold to £1,746 or 175p.

In the rough ring 50 cast cows sold to £1,425 and 165p to average 135p (-1p).

Prime hoggets sold to £158 and 336p for Beltex to average 250p (+8p).

In the cast sheep ring the average was £95 (+£19) overall. Heavy ewes sold to £195 for Texels and averaged £135, while light ewes peaked at £141 for Cheviots and averaged £79.

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 1,855 sheep comprising 1,479 prime hoggets and 376 cast sheep at their weekly sale at Ayr yesterday.

It was the dearest trade of the season for all types of hoggets again this week with an overall average of 252p or £110 per head. Top price per head was £140 for a pen of Texels or 314p for a pen of Beltex. Blackface hoggets sold to £126 for one pen and 264p/kg for another.

All classes of cast stock kept marching on with trade for yet another week dearer than the previous week. Top price of £202 was paid for Texels, while Mule ewes sold to £137 and Blackfaces to £112.