Edinburgh-based rocket launch company, Skyrora, has re-structured its manufacturing division and allocated personnel to help support the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

It has joined firms across the country that have moved to bring manufacturing capabilities to the table.

The company has "taken the decision to step up" and start producing face visors using their 3D-printing facilities and producing hand sanitiser according to the World Health Organisation’s guidelines.

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Skyrora has now fully re-focused all its UK operations and has invested all human resources and working capital to help tackle Covid-19 in response to the UK government reaching out to businesses for support.

On the same day that Skyrora recently revealed their first batch of hand sanitisers, the company was contacted by Government officials in order to complete manufacture at their production facility in Scotland.

Skyrora have installed extra capabilities and have completed the application to gain a license for commercially mass producing the hand sanitiser. The company have completed the first batch of hand gel according to WHO standards and guidelines.

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It is now a matter of scaling up the production. The aim is to produce over 10,000, 250ml bottles of hand sanitiser per week.

Skyrora are also in discussions with the Scottish Government to determine where their 3D-printed face visors can have the largest impact on protecting health workers. Initial tests are being completed before mass production can begin.

Volodymyr Levykin, chief executive officer of Skyrora said: “This pandemic of Covid-19 has created a very strenuous and life-threatening situation for many people in this country and across the world. Skyrora are determined to do everything we can to keep everyone safe.

"We all must answer to the government & NHS for support and Skyrora is in a fortunate enough position to do so. We are confident that we will get through this stronger.

"It is at a time like this, that a business like ours should step up and carry out a civic duty, setting aside the normal commercial activity and standing side by side with the Scottish government, the NHS and the UK government for the greater good of our country.”