BREWGOODER has rebranded its Moyo Juice Tropical Pale ale to “Stay in the Hoose Juice” to encourage people to stay at home as the sun comes out, the company said.

The campaign seeks “to reinforce in a tongue-in-cheek way” the official Scottish Government advice to Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives as a spell of warm weather looks set to bring 20 degree temperatures to Scotland.

The Edinburgh-based firm is asking drinkers to encourage others to do the same through social media competitions where drinkers could win themselves a case of beer.

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Alan Mahon, Brewgooder founder, said: “In normal times we wouldn’t want or expect anybody to take advice from a beer, but these are not normal times.

“We know the official advice is to stay home and limit social contact as much as possible so we wanted to help get that message across in a light-hearted way and remind anyone wanting to get go outside to enjoy a beer this week to do so at home, and avoid hitting public suntraps where possible.”

The purpose-driven beer brand has also received the support of over 5,000 drinkers for their One On Us NHS campaign.

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