THERE is potential for Glasgow to accommodate up to 300 hydrogen-powered buses, according to industrialist and JCB heir Jo Bamford, who also wants to see such vehicles rolled out in Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

Mr Bamford, who leads green hydrogen production company Ryse and last year acquired Northern Ireland-based manufacturer Wrightbus, believes “zero-carbon, UK-made hydrogen technologies must play a pivotal role in driving the British economy forward”.

He envisages around 3,000 “hydrogen buses” – about 10 per cent of the UK’s total fleet – could be “silently moving around UK towns and cities, including Glasgow, by 2024”.

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Mr Bamford is also targeting London, Liverpool, Brighton. Birmingham, Manchester and Belfast in his hydrogen bus drive.

Ryse is building the UK’s first hydrogen production plant on the Kent coast. This will be powered by a nearby offshore wind farm and will use electrolysis to produce hydrogen from water.

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Mr Bamford plans to build another four hydrogen production plants by 2025 to provide enough power for all 3,000 buses.