NEARLY half of Scottish businesses face critical cashflow pressures due to the coronavirus crisis, a survey has found.

The snap survey of over 350 companies in Scotland undertaken by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce found that without access to support 48 per cent of these companies expect they will run out of cash in three months time, which is how long stringent measures to mitigate the spread of the virus are expected to be in place.

Of those, 13% say they have less than a month before cash runs out. Over three-fifths of firms - 64% - who responded believe that there are gaps in the current business support measures offered by government.

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Half of firms surveyed have already furloughed, or intend to furlough, at least half of their workforce. Liz Cameron, SCC chief executive, said: “Both the UK and Scottish Government have moved quickly to staunch this catastrophic decline but what businesses are saying is it’s still not enough.” he said firms are “playing their part in saving lives and protecting the NHS”.

A separate survey found almost a third of firms in Scotland are at high risk of collapse due to Covid-19 hitting their supply chain. Durham University Business School’s report reviewed over 250,000 companies across Scotland across 99 sectors, and found 29% are at high risk due to how their supply chains operate.