An East Lothian recycling business has seen its online sales of compost and topsoil more than triple and has stepped up its local delivery service during the coronavirus crisis.

Forth Resource Management said it is believed that the jump in sales is partly as a result Covid-19, with more people spending time at home and in the garden.

The business has been supported by a six-figure loan from Bank of Scotland as part of the government-backed Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme.

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It recycles over 100,000 tonnes of organic waste for councils a year, but a number of its key local authority clients have stopped garden waste collection and it has 30 workers on furlough.

Tommy Dale, of Forth, said: “Local authority contracts have always been a key revenue pillar within our company but we’re fortunate that the nature of our business means we can adjust our focus and meet growing need elsewhere.

“Gardening and time spent outdoors is offering valuable respite up and down the country so it’s nice to know we’re positively contributing to keeping spirits up.”