HARRISON & Hetherington sold 87 clean cattle, 65 cast cows, 291 prime lambs, 880 prime hoggets and 305 cast sheep at St Boswells yesterday.

Fifty-seven prime heifers sold to a top of 233p/kg to average 211p (n/c), while 29 prime bullocks peaked at 226p to average 203p (-7p).

In the rough ring cast cows sold to £1,330 and 167p to average 139p (n/c).

New season prime lambs peaked at £115 and 284p/kg for Texels to average 258p (-3p), while prime hoggets sold to £117 and 243p/kg for Cheviots to average 208p (+5p).

In the cast sheep ring the average was £83 overall - a slight rise on the week. Heavy ewes sold to £123 for Texels and averaged £100, while light ewes peaked at £99 for Cheviot ewes and averaged £78.

The firm also sold 38 prime heifers in Carlisle yesterday to a top of 236p/kg to average 199p (-3p), while 27 prime, beef-bred bullocks peaked at 219p and levelled at 186p (+3p).

There were also a total of 91 young bulls at the sale yesterday which averaged 169p overall (+12p).

The 48 beef-bred young bulls sold to 217p and averaged 182p (+14p), while 43 dairy-bred young bulls peaked at 180p and levelled at 154p (+9p).

In the rough ring 130 cast dairy cows sold to 170p and averaged 109p (+8p), while 148 cast beef cows peaked at 212p and averaged 109p (+8p). Twenty-three cast bulls peaked at 176p and averaged 139p (+23p).

There were also 747 new season prime lambs that sold to £132 and 330p/kg to average 274p (+13p), while 422 prime hoggets sold to £128 and 250p to average 196p (-2p).

In the cast sheep ring 97 heavy ewes sold to £140 for a Texel and averaged £97 (+£6), while 64 light ewes peaked at £105 for a Leicester and levelled at £74 (+£4).

Messrs Craig Wilson sold 275 Spring lambs, 884 prime hoggets and 428 cast sheep at Ayr yesterday.

Increased numbers of Spring lambs were “still a treat to sell” according to the auctioneers with top prices of £129 and 293p/kg for Texels. The new season prime lambs averaged £113 or 257p/kg overall, which compares favourably with an average of 231p/kg on the same week a year ago.

Another mixed show of prime hoggets still managed to return a penny more on average at 210p/kg. Top prices were £120 for a single Beltex and 257p for a pen of 4 Beltex from the same home.

Increased numbers of cast sheep in the market this week still managed to exceed last week’s rates. Top prices were £174 for a pair of Texels, while Mules peaked at £88 and Blackfaces made up to £68.