THE Scottish Government is looking for ground-breaking ideas from tech firms to help accelerate the pace of the country’s digital transformation.

Industry body ScotlandIS has launched the challenge in partnership with the Scottish Government, and is calling on Scottish-based companies of all sizes to submit ideas that will help speed up the country’s digital progress and develop national digital and data infrastructure.

The resulting projects will be taken forward as part of the Scottish Government’s CivTech process, which has an established track record of bringing the public and private sectors together to deliver innovative solutions and create new commercial opportunities.

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Jane Morrison-Ross, chief executive of ScotlandIS, said proposals could range from making more essential public services available online, to improving how financial transactions are carried out.

She said: “Through this challenge, Scotland has the opportunity to become a digital nation, a true digital democracy.

“Digital underpins everything and is critical to our economy. The rapid digital transformation of business and society would not have been possible without the infrastructure, products and services created by our digital ecosystem.

“But we can do more. And we can do it better.

“We want to harness technology and innovation to evolve current business models, drive efficiencies and productivity gains across the economy.”

Ben Macpherson MSP, minister for public finance and migration, said: “I hope that many of you take this opportunity to share your thoughts on how we can build an innovative and inclusive digital nation to be proud of.”

The ScotlandIS Challenge encourages firms to consider issues such as how the national digital and data assets of Scotland can be protected and how more essential public services could be delivered online.

Ideas should be submitted by Tuesday June, 16.