BUSINESS Stream, an arm of Scottish Government-owned Scottish Water and the UK’s second-largest non-domestic water retailer, has said it has saved its customers more than £30 million through discounts and water efficiency and energy savings over the past year.

It said the total annual savings for 2019/20 include over £15 million in customer discounts, over £12m in water efficiency savings and nearly £2m in energy savings for its customers across the UK.

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Business Stream said it has has saved customers in Scotland and England more than £272m in discounts and 49 billion litres of water since 2008.

Jo Dow, chief executive of Business Stream, said: “Over the past12 years we have listened to our customers across the UK and tailored our solutions to meet their needs. Since the introduction of competition in Scotland in 2008 our aim has been to pass on the benefits of competition to businesses by delivering a customer-centric experience, innovative new services and keener pricing.

“Through our vision to make a positive difference to our customers, our people, the environment and the local communities we operate within - we have a strong focus on helping our customers to use water efficiently, which will deliver further financial savings.”