THE daily figures thankfully point to a Covid-19 virus on the decline and, while the road ahead looks difficult and unpredictable, it is crucial to retain hope.

For many businesses, it continues to be a battle for survival, especially for those running smaller companies who slipped through the cracks in government support schemes.

For employers and staff alike, UK Government plans to phase out the furlough programme have heaped uncertainty on uncertainty, especially in sectors at the back of the queue to reopen.

So where are we headed? We have not been here before, with so much dislocation, and so much disruption around the globe triggered by the human tragedy that is the coronavirus pandemic. 

In this special edition of Business HQ we focus within our borders, consulting with business leaders and experts on what Scotland’s economy needs to do to survive and thrive.

It will be a long haul and no one has a map, but we have to start somewhere.

Ian McConnell
Business Editor, The Herald

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