A firm which produces a disinfectant from water, salt and electricity expects to record a 500 per cent increase in turnover after the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus boosted demand for its products.

Borders-based Aqualution Systems has received orders from around the world for its ‘Salvesan’ brand of hypochlorous acid disinfectant, which it reckons kills 99.9999% of viruses and bacteria in seconds.

Chief executive Nick Deakin said hypochlorous acid is proven to protect against Covid-19.

The company has opened a new production facility in Coldstream as it prepares to increase output from 4,000 litres per day to 14,000 litres per day to keep pace with demand.

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Aqualution says hypochlorous acid is the chemical produced by the human immune system to fight infection. The company has developed an electrochemical technology for producing the acid from water and salt solution. It has a production facility In Duns.

A range of Scottish distillers have started producing hand-sanitiser in response to efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus.