Zoom fatigue

Many of us will never have heard of Zoom before the coronavirus thrust us into a world of virtual meetings.

But, convenient though the platform has been for thousands of businesses, its popularity may come at a price for some.

Speaking during a Glasgow Chamber of Commerce webinar last week, Loganair chief executive Jonathan Hinkles quipped that Zoom is an “airline industry’s worst nightmare!"

"I keep hoping for bad connections and internet calls to not work well. I don’t want people to get too used to it,” he said.

Gone Fishing

Keen angler Keith Skeoch was understandably in an “emotional” frame of mind when The Herald spoke to him on the day it was announced he was standing down as chief executive of Standard Life Aberdeen earlier this week.

After all, not only has he been in the job for five years, he has been a board director for 14 and seen plenty of highs during his time at the financial services giant.

But there will be dispensations to his new life. Asked about his plans for the future, Mr Skeoch said he was looking forward to rediscovering his “first professional love” of economics and markets as non-executive chairman of the Aberdeen Standard Investments Research Institute, as well as “a bit more time on the Scottish hills and, with a bit of luck, on the rivers as well.”