YOUNG people from Inverness and London have linked up on a social entrepreneurial push made possible by the coronavirus lockdown.

Extending the reach of virtual meetings means a group from the Inverness-based IT specialist the Apprentice Store has connected with young people in Tower Hamlets during the pandemic to help them boost their digital skills and get their businesses online.

The Scottish firm managed to link with Social Ark, a charity which supports young people from under-resourced East London communities, and Jordan Whyte, 18, from Nairn, is among those helping out his peers in England.

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David Massey, of the Apprentice Store, said: “There are 43 socially driven organisations on the 12 month accelerate programme and nine of them are based in Scotland. Prior to lockdown, we met once a month in person but only within our respective regional groups.”

However, once lockdown began the format changed to offer virtual delivery to all regional groups.

The scheme is part of an accelerator programme for social enterprises organised by the EY Foundation.